1. What Is This Project About and Why Is It Needed? 
  • The original wastewater infrastructure was built over 30 years ago and has exceeded its life expectancy.

  • This is a major sewer line replacement that stretches nearly the entire length of Northglenn along Leroy Drive, Irma Drive, and Race Street. It is needed to ensure the continued operation of your sanitary sewer service without costly breaks and service interruptions. The project will begin at the end of March. 

  • Big infrastructure replacements can be messy and disruptive — but they are also very important for the continued function of these critical systems.

  • Lift Station A collects nearly all sewage from Northglenn and pumps it through Force Main A to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Weld County. 

  • The lift station and a portion of its force main are being replaced due to its deteriorated condition, which has caused frequent breaks. 

2. What is a Lift Station? 
  • Lift Station A (the pump)- One of the sanitary sewer lift stations that collects wastewater and pumps it through the rest of the pipe system will be replaced under a separate but related contract with another contractor. The new life station is necessary because of deteriorated conditions and safety concerns for the crews that maintain the lift station.

3. What Is a Force Main?
  • Force Main (the pipe)Sewer collection systems rely on gravity to move wastewater through the pipes. However, when water needs to flow uphill, “force main” pipelines help push water through. A portion of line that runs from Lift Station A - at Irma Drive and Leroy Drive – and follows Irma Drive north to 120th Avenue, then onto Race Street, will be replaced. After that point, the pipeline is a gravity line, which does not need repair.   

  • The new force main will be constructed with an updated, durable material that is sized more appropriately for the flow of sewage, meaning a more efficient system. 

4. Where Will the Work Take Place? 

  • ​The new pipeline will begin at Lift Station A—located at approximately 105th and Irma Drive (near the Regatta Apartments and Jaycee dog park)—and continue north through open space to Leroy Drive, from there it continues north and then west back to Irma Drive at 110th (between Banks School Supply and The Glenn).

  • The pipeline then continues north on Irma Drive, crossing 112th and then again at 120th, before shifting east and continuing north on Race Street (west side of the Keystone Apartments), east of the new Karl's Farm mixed use development, and then to its culmination at the City of Northglenn's Maintenance and Operations Facility at 124th & Claude Court.  

5. What Will Be Included in the Work?
  • ​Installation of approximately 14,000 linear feet of 16 to 24-inch buried pipe

  • Utility potholing to locate numerous existing utilities

  • Installation of buried pipe in congested road right-of-way

  • The trenches crossings of 112th and 120th Avenue

  • Traffic control

  • Pavement restoration

6. What Is the Timeline of the Work? 
  • BT Construction will be mobilizing into the area mid-March and construction will start at the end of March. 

  • Estimated completion date is Jan. 2022. 

7. What Should I Expect? 
  • Even though the project will take place from March 2021 to January 2022, work will not take place on the entire stretch the whole time. Work will be done in sections, up to two blocks at a time, and at times with two crews in different locations along the line.

  • Traffic impacts due to construction will be the most noticeable to people in the area. Residents near the replacement area may have water/sewer interruptions or limited access to driveways for short periods of time when work is done nearby.

  • The work will require the complete closure of the roadway to thru traffic in the active work zone. Sidewalks will remain open in most cases, with the exception of portions of sidewalk around the staging area at Jaycee Park on Irma Street.

  • Tunneling pits will be installed at 112th Avenue and 120th Avenue to avoid major disruptions, however, turn lanes or access roads may be closed. 

8. How Will I Know When to Expect Impacts?

  • Early notification is a priority. Please watch for direct mail, door hangers and social media notifications so you know what to expect.

  • Notification of direct impacts will go out at least 48 hours in advance. For example, if you will not have access to your driveway you will be informed at least two days before and given an estimated time on how long access will be blocked.

9. What Are the Project Benefits?
  • This upgrade to the aging infrastructure is necessary to assure long-term integrity of the system. 

  • Much less likelihood of sewer issues.

  • The project will also include much-needed roadway improvements (asphalt paving).

10. How Can I Stay Informed?
  • We highly recommend you sign up for our newsletter located on our Contact Page. This will provide you with the most updated information on the project. 

  • If you have any questions or concerns you can email us at or call us at (303)-219-9784. Please leave a voicemail, calls will be returned ASAP.